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To give a fish or teach to fish.

Hello flourishing friends,  One of the amazing wisdom nuggets that was dropped in last Saturday's Virtual Meet and Greet was this:  The adjustment is the education. The more you are adjusted, the more your body knows what it needs to do to care for itself.  Dr. Alandi reminded me of this truth during our discussion, and when I was replaying our conversation, it made me think of the old quote that I reference in the heading. 

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  - Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu

Each time you come in for your visit, the goal is to help your nervous system function better. With your nervous system working better, you begin to heal from the inside out. Your pain dissipates, your symptoms get less severe.  But not only are you feeling BETTER, you are feeling MORE!  The adjustment provides the stimulus that allows you to bring awareness to your own life force. You will start to have a sense about what might feel good or supportive to you. You will hear the clear YES's and clear NO's as you go about your daily life.  You will start to know what movement would support you, what foods, when to rest, and when to challenge yourself.  Ultimately, you will learn to hear what your body already knows. The adjustment is the piece that connects the two.  Continued chiropractic care helps us feel better to be sure, and so much more. At Eudaimonia, I never want to just give you the fish (help your symptoms) and then send you on your way. I always seek to teach you to fish so you can have sustained health and a better relationship with your body for life!  

If you missed the Virtual Meet and Greet, and would like to watch, you can catch the replay on the Dr. Evelyn Facebook page  or on my YouTube Channel. 

For those who are just catching up, Dr. Alandi is the amazing chiropractor, woman and friend who is going to be taking care of you all when I am on my maternity leave. To learn more about Dr. Alandi, visit her website  and her Instagram

I hope that each and every one of you continues to flourish and use this chiropractic "education" as a foundation for all of the healthy things you bring to your life. I hope that as you progress through your care, you continue to feel empowered to do what is best for your body and have confidence in what is right for you. 

At Eudaimonia, we look forward to continuing to guide you through your process. 

Here's to your flourishing!  Love always,  Dr. Evelyn 

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