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Dr. Evelyn Moseley France, D.C. 

Chiropractor, Owner and Founder of Eudaimonia Chiropractic 

With her local background, combined with her deep empathy and energy, Dr. Evelyn brings a unique vibration to the practice of Chiropractic.


Growing up in El Granada, the agricultural community and natural beauty of her hometown taught Dr. Evelyn to pursue the outdoors, fresh produce and good sleep as a means to maintain daily wellness. For her more serious health issues, she found holistic chiropractic care to be the most potent way to promote her body’s self-healing.

While obtaining her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West, her diverse educational interests led her to dive deep into the study of the human body as an entire system, the mind-body connection, subtle adjusting techniques and movement.


She has been practicing since October 2018 and in January 2020, opened Eudaimonia (U-de-mOn-E-a) Chiropractic on the coast.

Beyond working at the practice, Dr. Evelyn loves to empower people to know more about their bodies by teaching workshops and health seminars and assisting Half Moon Bay High School Athletics. When she isn't in the practice she is enjoying raising her beautiful daughter, Ruthie.

Dr. Evelyn is very passionate about the community on the Coastside and collaborates regularly with other leaders to promote the goal of making the Coastside a more vital, healthy and connected place.

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