Phone Consultation

Let's see if we're a good fit!

Finding health care providers that can help you, and that you resonate with can be tough! This consult allows me to get a sense of your situation to give me an idea if I can be of service, and it will also give us a chance to meet before we embark on a new journey in your health care.




15 minutes 


VIA Video Conference or Phone 

Initial Intake 

Get Started on the Journey back to yourself

  • One on one, detailed medical, social and lifestyle history.

  • Assessment of entire well-being (body, mind, spirit) 

  • Video gait analysis

  • functional movement and Range of Motion analysis 

  • Digital Posture analysis

  • Tension Pattern Analysis

  • Chiropractic Examination 

  • Health and chiropractic education. 

  • Follow up visit with a Report of Findings




45 minutes


Eudaimonia Chiropractic, 30 Ave. Portola Suite AB, El Granada, CA 94018

System Check 

Make sure your nervous system is clear and connected.

This visit includes your spinal check and necessary Chiropractic adjustments




15 minutes 


Eudaimonia Chiropractic, 30 Ave. Portola Suite AB, El Granada, CA 94018

Monthly Membership

In order to promote a Chiropractic Lifestyle, I am pleased to offer you Membership! 

It includes: 

  • 4 System Check, 15 minute appointments per month with Chiropractic Adjustments.

  • Access to additional visits as recommended 

  • Progress exams with reports

  • 2 Tickets to every Eudaimonia Workshop or Event 

  • Discounts on Supplements/ Additional Products recommended for care. 

  • A $346 value for just $260/month! 


$260/ month


4 months minimum


Eudaimonia Chiropractic, 30 Ave. Portola Suite AB, El Granada, CA 94018

Affordable Care 

Please Note: 

You are responsible for all of your fees for service. All charges for services rendered are due and payable before or at the time of service. 

Insurance: Eudaimonia Chiropractic does not participate with ANY insurance provider. Since Eudaimonia is based on wellness care, and the freedom to utilize care based on your individual situation, the limited constraints of most insurance companies are detrimental to many of these goals. You are responsible for your full payment and will not receive diagnostic codes or superbills. 

Medicare: The reason Medicare is not expected to pay for the above listed professional services is that the listed doctor is not enrolled in the Medicare system as a provider of services, and therefore payment for all of these services is denied by law. For this reason the doctor may not treat Medicare patients under normal circumstances. 

For more information please see the FAQ page. 

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