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Monthly Membership

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This practice is about so much more than back and neck pain; it is about a chiropractic lifestyle. A chiropractic lifestyle is one in which you are aware every day that your body is on your side, and is capable of adapting, growing and healing, as long as there is no interference. It is living with a nervous system that is clear and primed for whatever life throws at you, so you can be resilient, and experience flow and ease! At Eudaimonia, the people have the power, not the pain! You do not have to have symptoms to precede your adjustment. 


We will be focused on optimization, reaching new goals, integrating stress and building resilience! Not always on the pesky symptoms! 



Every aspect of this practice has been designed to help the members utilize the full power of chiropractic as a foundation for health and well-being. Because of this, I wanted to make it so practice members were supported and motivated to stick with their care, and be more invested in their care, than just the occasional office visit. This is why I created the Monthly Membership program. A flat monthly rate, you never have to think about or stress over variable costs of care. Convenient and easy! The membership guarantees: 

  •  Weekly one-on-one visits. 

  • Access to additional adjustments at a discounted price ($60), whether it is the initial phases of your care, or you get a flare up and need some more TLC. 

  • Two free tickets to all Eudaimonia events and workshops**

  • Regular progress exams and reports 

  • All for $270/ month! 

This way, you won’t hesitate to lean on chiropractic when you are needing extra support. And you can create community with one another in open adjusting times, classes and events and in groups. Community leads to accountability and accountability leads to collective achievement. When one member of Eudaimonia flourishes, so do we all. 

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