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Day 7: Nervous System Health- Send Some Snail Mail!

The health, wellness and scientific communities have known for a long time about the importance of connection in human beings. We are meant to be together in community! Is there anyone you've been really missing lately? I know we have phones and about a million other ways to stay in touch but there is something that feels so connected about getting mail.

When you receive or send a letter, you know that that piece of paper was actually in the hands of your loved one. That it was passed by people to other people. You feel that the world is interconnected, not just in the cloud but on the ground.

Also, letter writing is wonderful for the mind. Journaling is a great tool to get your thoughts and feelings out and to reflect. Letter writing is like a journal but to your friends. It's a chance to reflect, it's a chance to get your feelings out and think about what's been happening and what it is bringing up for you. You don't have to worry about carrying on a conversation, you just get to write from the heart.

To add an element of fun creativity, make your own card! Use markers, stickers, construction paper, glue sticks! If you have kids, get them involved so they can send a note to a friend they miss!

Who doesn't love getting nice mail?

Love Always,

Dr. Evelyn

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