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Day 2: Nervous System Health- Gratitude in Everything

How were you feeling after yesterday's activity? More present? More calm? More aware? Those are all awesome feelings and good feelings mean healthy brain chemistry!

Another sure fire way to make us feel good is a gratitude practice. I learned this activity from Lauren Brollier, owner of Soul Savvy Transformation Coaching. Gratitude helps us shift our perspective to see all that we HAVE and not what we are lacking. It makes us vibrate at a higher frequency that can then resonate throughout our lives!

It's a simple activity: Are you ready?

Enter a room in your house, and start naming every single thing in sight and why you are grateful for it. I'm not kidding. You walk in and see your dresser- maybe you thought it was old and ugly before- NO SIS, NOT TODAY! Today you are so grateful for that dresser, your grateful you have a place to keep your clothes, you're so grateful your clothes are clean and safe and that you don't live out of a suitcase and that your dresser sits there holding your clothes so that you can express yourself through your wardrobe every day.

Getting the idea?

Then you move to the mirror above your dresser, and you're so grateful for it because it allows you to reflect, it allows you to feel confident when you leave your house that you look presentable or that you look HAWT if that's what you're going for!

Then you move to the lamp by your bed- what can you be grateful for?

The fact is, if we have a home with anything in it at all, we have so much to be grateful for!

It may feel really fake and weird at first but I promise the more you do it, the easier the gratitude becomes, and you can do this around your entire house!

What things are you surprised that you are genuinely grateful for?

Love Always,

Dr. Evelyn

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