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#8- Nervous System Health- Stop and Smell the Flowers

I am not sure if you noticed that thus far I have not given the tips of "Get Outside" or "Make Sure You're Staying Active." YES you should be getting sunlight and fresh air, and YES you should be moving your body, getting your blood pumping and keeping your body moving, but YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!

Many people feel like now that they have more time on their hands, they have time to do MORE! To be more productive, accomplish new things, start new projects.

If you are feeling up for it and inspired, then more power to you, but to me, this whole experience has been more about taking a pause.

We have literally been ordered to stop, and that doesn't need to be a bad thing.

There is a lot to be gained from taking a pause. It can be uncomfortable, certainly, but the difference between an immediate threat to our actual survival, and a worry spiral (that feels just as stressful to our body, mind you) is the ability to pause.

If you were ACTUALLY being chased by a Mountain Lion, pausing would NOT be a smart choice. But since, most likely you are safe in your home, you do indeed have time to stop.

A nice way to slow down and remember to breathe is by smelling! Smelling requires you to take a deep breath in through the nose. I have been reminding myself to pause by taking a moment to smell the beautiful Jasmine blooms right outside my front door. A momentary pause to do something pleasant can sometimes be all it takes to shift out of that heightened nervous system, and reset.

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