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Coastside Wellness Culture 

I founded Coastside Wellness Culture so that I could help make it easy to live a healthy, connected lifestyle on the coast. My mission is to serve the people who want to take control of their health with the support of a community, a collection of information and expertise, and the common goal to make our home a more vital place. Come join the culture!

Join the Culture 

Coastside Wellness Culture was founded by locals in order to start a new health culture, with a lifestyle  based on the belief that the human body has the ability and desire to be in a state of health, as long as it has a healthy environment to support it, and that we make decisions every day that create a way of life that optimizes this potential. 

 At CWC  we recognize that we already have an amazing natural environment right outside of our front door. We try to make it easier for our members to make those lifestyle decisions by creating a community to support us physically, mentally and emotionally. We strive to create a community where we can combine our strength, collaborate and support one another in becoming the optimal versions of ourselves.

In Coastside Wellness Culture, you will have the opportunity to get content and exposure from some amazing groups and professionals. Every contribution to this collaborative agrees with these major philosophy tenants: 

1) Healing and Growth are natural and come from within. 

2) The lifestyle we lead creates the picture of our wellness. 

3) Everybody is different- one size does not fit all. 

4) Recognize the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. 

5) Empower clients by giving them information so that they can make the best choices.

6) Wellness includes a healthy ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL LIFE, BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

Why the Whale? 

Whales symbolize community, adaptation, resilience and peace, as well as our Coastside Home.


Go with the flow, believe in abundance, adapt to your environment, go the distance and be a part of something greater than yourself. 

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