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Holistic chiropractic care for optimizing your body and mind 

Dr. Evelyn Moseley France D.C. 

Eudaimonia (n) lit. "human flourishing"; a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. Pronunciation I "U-de-'mOn-E-a
Hello there,

I am Dr. Evelyn Moseley France D.C., and I facilitate connection. I love connecting people to their community, connecting them to each other, and most of all, connecting people to themselves. 

We live in a time where most people are too stressed to deal with stress. 
Too invested in their external circumstances to invest in their internal ones. 
Too disconnected to notice their disconnection. 

But it can be easy. 
It can be easy to be well. 
It can be easy to be a part of something. 

It just may need a catalyst, and that is where I come in. 

I focus on whole being wellness: 
body, mind, spirit, social and environmental, 
to make sure you are the best version of you. 
With chiropractic, classes, and regular activities and group events, you will be on your way back to the truest version of yourself, and your body-mind will thank you for it. 

I look forward to serving you

Take good care, 

Dr. Evelyn 

Get in Touch

30 Ave Portola, Suite 2A, El Granada, CA 94018

Call or Text:  (650) 440- 7535


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Do you feel that Eudaimonia has helped you with whatever made you initially seek care?

Dr.E is beyond amazing and has helped me both maintain my body wellness, but recover injuries and chronic migraines along with mindset! Feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time!

I came with an extremely sore back and you immediately shifted my condition.


Yes, I always feel renewed when I leave.

yes, Yes, Yes! YES!

What have you loved about Eudaimonia Chiropractic ?

I think you are fabulous Dr. Evelyn and I plan on continuing to receive treatment. I love your holistic approach, your fabulously gentle yet effective adjustments. I love your practice and will refer as many people as possible!

I love Evelyn's demeanor and attitude towards health; I love the environment of the office and I love the fact that, as a member, I can come regularly and feel like I'm doing the right thing for my health.

Chiropractic method (energy oriented, not rack ‘n crack...), the music you play in the office, the smell good hand sanitizer, spiritual atmosphere

I thought the background check and initial assessment was nice, it made me feel like you cared more than just giving me an adjustment.

Feel like Dr.Evelyn is an intuitive healer and was able to able to relieve long term pain in a short amount of time.

Dr. Evelyn knew exactly what to do to ease my pain and put me on a path to pain free. 

dr evelyn was always so real and positive

The energy, the intention, the way I feel when I leave!💜

I feel that I am kept healthy. I have no pains, and I feel like a younger person.


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