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Hello Flourishing Friends,

One thing I always do is assess the entire body. Every time you come in the office, whether it's your back or your neck bothering you, or nothing at all, I will still check you from toes to head. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the place I adjust is nowhere near where you would have guessed? It is because of TENSEGRITY. Tensegrity is important because it explains why a distortion in your shoulder can lead to a compensating distortion in the opposite hip, for example. The word tensegrity is used in architecture and is a combination of the words tensional integrity. Any time that a structure, in our case the human body, is composed of rigid struts (bones) and elastic fibers (tendons, ligaments, fascia), tensegrity is being used. The beauty of this design is that you have "floating compression" meaning that unlike a brick wall, space and flexibility can be maintained in the structure. The only way that it can work is to have a network of continuous tension throughout the structure. However, the balance can be delicate and suboptimal tension patterns can begin to dominate the structure, leaving the matrix with non-uniform space and mobility (when the hand in the video crushes down on the ball). And because any distortion changes the entire structures shape, it can be confusing to find the source of this restriction. This is just one example of how interconnected and intricate our bodies are and why it can be great to have a professional check your system and see if there is a suboptimal tension pattern that is dominating your body. My style of chiropractic assesses global tension patterns and then aids mobility to create more evenness and ease throughout different layers of tissue. Sometimes the thing that is really causing our limitations is not where we think. I am really looking forward to facilitating even more connection, adaptation and optimization in your life. Take care, Dr. Evelyn

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