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I've been doing it wrong my whole life.

I recently went to the dentist and I'll admit, it had been too long since my last cleaning. I am fortunate though that my teeth are in really good condition, I have never had a cavity (knock on wood). This time though, I was experiencing some teeth sensitivity so I reported to my dentist and I was shocked to hear what he had to say.

Apparently I've been brushing my teeth incorrectly my entire life.

What?! I kept thinking "how did I not know this?" I have brushed my teeth twice per day every day since I can remember.

While talking with my dentist though, the things he was saying made sense:

Just brush twice a day, not after you eat, otherwise the enzymes in your mouth that appear when you have food can break down your teeth. Don't brush your gums, that is what floss is for. Use a soft bristled brush and make small circular motions, don't use too much pressure because you don't want to break down your teeth or create scratches that more plaque can build into.

The whole experience got me thinking. I have been a good dental patient, my teeth haven't given me many problems and I am an educated person- yet I still didn't know how to perform my basic daily oral hygiene.

If I was in that situation with my teeth, then how many people are experiencing this same ignorance when it comes to their spines and nervous systems?

My guess was- a lot. Many people don't even think that they should be taking care of their spines and nervous systems, yet if you ask anyone if they would rather break their tooth or their neck, 100% of them tell you they do not want to break their neck!

We know innately how important our spines and brains are yet many people do not practice basic spinal hygiene! Because we don't realize that we know. I think the same faulty logic I had around my teeth applies to most with their spines. We think that because we have been living this long and brushing our teeth like this for so many years, we must be doing it right. Or even more likely, we don't think about it at all anymore. It isn't until we have some pain or sensitivity that prompts us to ask, and then we find out what we should have been doing all along.

If you have questions about your spinal hygiene, please reach out!

Take care,

Dr. Ev

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