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Day 1: Nervous system health- Body Awareness

Hello Wonderful beings! I am trying to step up my virtual game, while it is difficult for many to get into the office. Over the next, however many weeks I want to provide something to aid in your nervous system health, that I can provide over the computer or via instagram and Facebook Live.

Our nervous systems are so important; they really do control every other system in our bodies, and it is vital that we take care of them in order to maintain health. Stress is the enemy of the nervous system, especially when it is experienced for prolonged amounts of time.

Stress can actually shrink parts of our brain, leading to memory, learning, and movement deficits. It can lead us to have less rational thoughts, as well as trouble digesting, sleeping, recovering and healing!

I can't think of a more critical time to have a healthy nervous system!

So DAY 1: The activity is a body awareness meditation.

Meditation helps us gain awareness of our thoughts and bodies. It helps us synchronize our autonomic and somatic nervous systems, and helps bring peace and calm by bringing us into the present moment.

It goes like this:

Start by lying flat on your back on the floor or on a mat. You can also do this seated but ensure you have ample room to move your body.

Close your eyes and begin to take slow deep breaths. You can put some relaxing music on if you like.

Start by bringing your awareness to your toes. Think about all 10 of your toes and as you take a deep breath, think about bringing the breath all the way to your toes. As you inhale curl your toes and flex them hard. Really squeeze for a second. As you exhale relax your toes back to neutral.

The pattern will repeat into your ankles. Think about your ankles. Maybe thank them for all that they do for you. Take a deep breath, and think about bringing the breath all the way to your ankles. As you inhale flex your ankles upward. Really squeeze for a second. As you exhale relax your ankles back to neutral.

Continue to move up your body, cycling this way with inhalation and awareness, contraction, then exhalation and relaxation. If you come to a part of the body that needs some extra breath, take note, do not judge, and spend a little bit more time there.

After ankles, move to calves, squeeze your calves by pointing your feet. Breathe.

Next move to knees, contract by straightening your legs as straight as you can. Breathe.

Then hips, squeeze your legs together, inhale, relax and exhale.

Abdominals, ribcage, chest, (give yourself a hug!), elbows, wrists, fingertips, neck, back of neck, jaw, and facial muscles.

After this exercise, the goals are to feel present in your body and aware of your current tension or energy restrictions. What felt easy to access? Where was it hard to bring breath? What felt strong? What felt disconnected? What felt tight or stiff? What felt easeful and relaxed?

At the very least, you were able to keep your mind occupied for 8-15 minutes, maybe now you can even take a little rest!

Keep an eye out on Instagram Live and via this blog for daily things to help your system cope during prolonged stress. I am here for you!

Take care,

Dr. Evelyn

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